I love to speak at, and attend, events, particularly with my friends and colleagues, Tim, Mars, and Jon. 💌 Get in touch if you’re interested!

I am not a professional speaker (i.e. the things I speak about are things I’m working on or researching in the real world, my job is not speaking constantly) but I love to travel and speak around the world whenever possible.

Please free to invite me, or me and my colleagues to give a talk!

We talk about:

  • machine learning
  • Swift programming for iOS/macOS/tvOS/watchOS
  • Swift programming for scientific computing (e.g. Swift for TensorFlow)
  • game development with Unity
  • machine learning with Unity/simulations/agents
  • game development with Godot
  • open source licensing and software
  • pen-and-paper game design for team building, community building, or general understanding
  • the intersection of history and technology
  • narrative game development (e.g. YarnSpinner and surrounding tools)
  • the intersection of all the above

New/future is first, older is later. This page is mostly up to date, but I’ve probably forgotten some events here and there, particularly pre-2011. Sorry!

Upcoming Events

Past Events






2014 and earlier

  • Organising: /dev/world/2014 [conference organiser], Melbourne, Australia; September 29-30, 2014
  • Speaking: YOW! Connected 2014, Melbourne, Australia; September 8-9, 2014
  • Speaking: Apple Australia/AUC iOS Developer Workshops 2014, Auckland, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide; September 1-10, 2014
  • Speaking: OSCON 2014, Portland, USA
  • Speaking: CreateWorld 2014, Brisbane, Australia
  • Speaking: /dev/world/2013, Melbourne, Australia
  • Speaking: CompCon 2013, Canberra, Australia
  • Speaking: OSCON 2013, Portland, USA
  • Speaking: iConference 2013, Fort Worth, USA
  • Speaking: CreateWorld 2012, Brisbane, Australia
  • Speaking: OzCHI 2012, Melbourne, Australia
  • Speaking: /dev/world/2012, Melbourne, Australia
  • Speaking: OSCON 2012, Portland, USA
  • Speaking: IA Summit 2012, New Orleans, USA
  • Speaking: 2012, Ballarat, Australia
  • Speaking: CreateWorld 2011, Brisbane, Australia
  • Speaking: Screen Tasmania Digital Seminar 2011, Hobart, Australia
  • Speaking: OSDC 2011, Canberra, Australia
  • Speaking: Web Directions South 2011, Sydney, Australia
  • Speaking: /dev/world/2011, Melbourne, Australia
  • Speaking: UX Australia 2011, Sydney, Australia
  • Speaking: OSCON 2011, Portland, USA
  • Speaking: Nordic Game 2011, Malmö, Sweden
  • Speaking: Interaction 2011, Boulder, USA
  • Speaking: X-Media Lab 2011: Location Based Services, Malmö, Sweden
  • Speaking: CreateWorld 2010 [keynote], Brisbane, Australia
  • Speaking: OzCHI 2010, Brisbane, Australia
  • Speaking: /dev/world/2010, Melbourne, Australia
  • Speaking: CreateWorld 2009, Brisbane, Australia
  • Speaking: OzCHI 2009, Melbourne, Australia
  • Speaking: /dev/world/2009, Canberra, Australia
  • Speaking: /dev/world/2008, Melbourne, Australia

Selected Past Presentation Material

If you’re interested in having me talk at your conference or event, then please email me and let me know!