OSCON 2015

UPDATE: OSCON 2015 in Portland has come and gone! All the material from my talks, as well as a few others, is up on the Secret Lab blog.

Hello! I, once again, find myself in Portland, Oregon, to speak at O’Reilly’s fantastic OSCON conference.

I’m involved in a bunch of different things this year:

Come and find me if you’re at the conference!

Stuff That’s Happening

  1. iPhone and iPad Game Development for Dummies – November 2010
  2. Keynote at CreateWorld 2010 – December (Brisbane, Australia)
  3. iOS Workshop – December (Melbourne, Australia)
  4. iOS Workshop – December (Sydney, Australia)
  5. Game Mechanics at Interaction 11 – February (Boulder, USA)
  6. Unity Mobile Game Development for Dummies – April 2011